3 great poker games on android platform


Android has seen a rapid development of applications and games for it’s platform as it’s growing fast in popularity and according to latest reports the platform is all set to surpass Windows platform by 2016. Because of it’s popularity there are lots of games being developed and poker being one of the famous game categories there is a constant rise of poker based games in android market. Following are some of the most popular poker based games in Android play store. However if you are looking for the real deal you might want to check out this great Partypoker website. It’s one of the most prominent poker website on Internet and has a loads of offers to get you started.

Following are some the widely used poker games on Android Play store

Live Holdem Poker Pro

Join the #1 Poker on Android and play live with millions of real players. Texas Hold’em Poker fans! Join the #1 social poker on the Android Market and Play Live Texas Holdem Poker with millions of real players from Facebook and Google Android.

Zynga Poker

Play Zynga Poker #1 Texas Hold‘em Game on Facebook! FREE 10K chips with download New 1-on-1 Poker mode! Play turn-based, heads up hold’em poker with Facebook friends or random opponents!

Play a live hand of Texas Hold’em against millions of real players with Zynga Poker, the #1 social Texas Hold’em game on Facebook. Get $20K free chips for your first game. Experience Las Vegas casino VIP style playing online against players from Facebook, Google Android and iPhone.

Texas Poker

Your efforts to gather friends at the poker table mostly remain unsuccessful? Why wait for this rare opportunity when you can just download our app and play with millions of poker players from all over the world! Anywhere, anytime. Think you are ready for the tough competition?

Do you have your own favorite poker application for android. If yes leave it in the comments and let us know why you find it better than ones mentioned above.

iphone 5

Comparison: Apple iphone 5 vs Galaxy S III vs Apple iphone 4S vs HTC OneX


With the launch of Apple’s iphone 5, the direct competition to the successful Samsung Galasy S3 has increased.

From the perspective of consumers, who are not polarised by Apple, there is more variety but as always with more options there is confusion which one to go for. Here is a small basic comparison of the 4 competing handsets in the same segment.








Ofcourse, for the apple fans the technical specification has never been the criteria for going for iphone. Thus, I don’t expect this to hold much relevance for apple fans. It is just a broad comparison, and of course your preference and choice may be vastly dependent on the look and feel of the handset, the comfort and feel while holding the phone, the UI experience etc. Thus, one may research more and feel the phone before going into a buying decision but this should give you basic comparative background towards the path of your final selection.



Jazz up your phone looks


Are you bored of the looks of your device ? Are you looking to change the outlook of your device ? Using a device for a long time such as a smartphone, tablet, mp3 player or a laptop can make you feel the need to alter the looks of your device. here I list some ways to give your device a new feel to it :



Using cases is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to provide a new funky look to your device. There are multiple variety of cases in the market which you can select from depending upon or need for protection or looks and creativity. These cases are usually cheap and easily available on amazon or ebay, although there are number of renowned case makers in the market.

  • Hard cases: Mostly available for smartphones as well as tablets. Creative design available. Makes the phone quite heavy though maximum protection. Some of the nice cases can be found by an easy search on amazon or ebay or vendors like casemate.


  • Leather cases : These are the cases preferred by people desiring a simple , plain, professional look. Available for almost all phones. Most common colour being black leather.


  • TPU Rubber cases : These cases have become quite popular. With low cost comes low protection but the cases which are in the market are amazingly creative and beautiful. One can find a sprkled designer case to a shiny bright case to a plain, sober one.


  • Silicon Cases : These are the cheapest of the lot and available for most of the phones. Though they offer least protection and durability but well worth the cost. Started out with plain single colour cases but presently numerous arty cases are available.


 Although, it is easier to find cases for popular smartphones such as iphone, samsung and HTC android phones whereas it is tougher to find creative cases for other devices.



Skins are newest adoption by users instead of cases. These offer minimal or no protection but mostly serve the glam role of a cover. Though, in terms of jazzing up your phone these are way better than any covers.  These are also available for your other devices such as tablet, mp3 players, ipods, laptops etc.


  • Vinyl Skins :These are vinyl based skins for your phones, tablets, laptops etc. The provide effective resitance from scratching but a hard impact on your device will render any protection from a skin useless. They have ultra thin removable adhesive-backing that contains non-visible air release channels to assure a bubble free application.


  • Gel Skins :

Gel Skins give your device a completely custom 3-D look. Gel skins offer more protection to your device but they are also slightly higher priced. Gel Skins are created by applying a clear resin coating over the skin to enhance the graphics and creating a eye-popping more attractive appearance to your device.

 A number of websites have come up which provide you some wonderful arty skins. Users can also  design their own skins. Also you have access to skins designed by other users and can easily browse through some of the most popular skins. Some of the websites to checkout for skins are and 

View some of beautiful skins below.










Look out for a new post on some amazing ipad skins, soon.

Android screenshot without root

Screenshot without rooting your android phone



Most of us used to taking screenshots have rooted their phones to enable taking screenshots. But many still would like to have an option to take screenshots without rooting their phones.


There have been apps which have worked on non rooted phones but depending on the phones, they work on some and don’t work on some non-rooted phones. Here is an app which has been around for a while which works on all non-rooted phones : ‘No Root Screenshot It’


Obviously, as the name suggest the app allows you to take, edit, and share screen captures from your Android device without rooting it first. But you would need a desktop utility which is provided by the developer ( Windows and Mac supported) You would need to pair up with the desktop utility and once connected, you are good to take screenshots.




Negative: If you restart your phone, you would have to reconnect to the desktop app.


You can set timers for screenshots to allow menus to be captured, shake the phone to get captures, annotate or crop screenshots and share the shot to web, email and other apps.

Price: $4.99

Some of the other screenshots apps which may or may not require your phone to be rooted depending on your phone model : Screenshot it, Shake to screenshot(Galaxy series only), Screenshot UX, X-Shoot





Track data opera

Track your data usage on android using Opera


Well, if you are one of those who loves to use his phone for wireless internet but holds only a limited data plan with  your provider. At the end of the month, the data charges set you back by considerable amount and you are clueless how you spent so much data. Also for those, who pay per use i.e pay for every kb of data used, the data charges could be quite high. Opera is an option which could work well in these situations.


When you access a website through Opera, it first downloads the page on its server, compresses it there and then redirects it to your phone. Thus your browser downloads lesser amount of kb for the same page. Opera has been claiming that using Opera reduces the page size by 80%, thus directly reducing your data charges. Though, there was no verification offered for the same.


But with the newly updated Opera browser, you can have exact idea how much data you have downloaded during your browsing session and how much you have saved using Opera as your browser. It also keeps track of total data usage, enabling you to translate your usual monthly internet activities into a data usage figure. Thus, allowing you to choose an optimal plan or reduce usage.


To view the data usage using Opera : Launch Opera and click ‘data usage’ under ‘help’ section.

Opera can, obviously. track only the data passing through your Opera browser. There are other apps which may be used to track the entire data usage, including data used by apps : eg : 3gwatchdog, netcounter, TrafficInfo, Onavo and more.


A review of best data tracking apps soon.



Revert OS X Lion’s page scrolling to the old direction


With upgrading to the new version of Os x i.e. Lion os x, the scrolling pattern has changed and is reversed. Kind of uncomfortable if you are used to using the older and more accepted version of scrolling pattern.

Following is how you can revert OS X Lion’s page scrolling to the old direction.

1. Start System Preferences

2. Click Trackpad.

3. Uncheck the box that says “When using gestures to scroll or navigate, move content in the direction of finger movement

4. This should get the old scrolling behaviour back.

The change only affects the current logged in user.

avast internet security

Download Avast Internet Security 6 with 9 months license


Avast is one of the security sotwares for your PC. I comes in both free and commercial package. The free version “Avast Anti-Virus” of course has some limitations over the commercial version “Avast Internet Security”.

The German computer magazine COM is currently running a giveaway of Avast Internet Security. The offer is in German but is accessible to anyone and the license works with the English version as well.

Enter the first name, last name and your email address on the promotion page (link at the end of the page) to receive the license in you email address.

In your email click the link which ends with

This is a zip file and you will use this to register your Internet Security suite. The license expires in 9 months. That is you will be able to use this till April 2012.

Promotional Page Link

Download the English Avast Internet Security


HTC Thunderbolt : The android champion of 2011


This is the new smartphone launched by HTC, the first to run on 4G LTE network. Being heralded as the best phone in terms of speed, it has high expectations riding on it. Here is a small review of the phone.

With high expectations attached with the phone before its launch, it does deliver on most fronts. The phone is massive on all fronts with massive hype, massive performance and massive size and weight. It is the first phone to run on LTE. LTE promises speeds on a phone comparable to broadband desktop speeds, thus blurring the lines between desktop and a smart phone experience. The experience on Thunderbolt is quite amazing with brilliantly high download/upload speeds and lower latency connections that provide better responsiveness. All this is backed by solid hardware which provides to the great speedier experience on the phone.

But, it is not a phone free of all faults or downers. It does hosts a few imperfections which buyers needs to be aware of before shelling out dough for this piece of smartest smartphone.



  • Carrier: Verizon Wireless
  • OS: Android 2.2 (Froyo) with HTC Sense UI
  • Processor: 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (QSD8255), Adreno 205 GPU, and MDM9600 chipset for 3G/4G
  • RAM: 768MB
  • Storage: 8GB internal, 32GB microSD (pre-installed)
  • Display: 4.3-inch WVGA with 480×800 resolution
  • Battery: Lithium-ion with 1400 mAh capacity
  • Ports: microUSB 2.0, 3.5mm audio jack, SIM slot
  • Weight: 6.23 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.75 x 2.44 x 0.56 inches
  • Camera: 8MP with auto-focus, dual LED flash, HD video capture, 1.3MP front-facing camera
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, A-GPS, digital compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor
  • Keyboard: Virtual QWERTY
  • Networks: CDMA 800/1900Mhz (2G); CDMA2000 EV-DO (3G); 700Mhz LTE (4G)
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n; Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
  • Tethering: USB + mobile Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Price: $249 (with 2-year contract)



Is it for you ?

This is for you if you desire to achieve maximum performance you can derive from  a smartphone. It is quite surely the fastest phone out of all existing smartphones in the market today. Running on LTE speeds of +10Mbps, it is bound to run fast but even on 3G network or WiFi the phone loads apps, webpages, videos etc are stunningly quick speed. So if you are the ones who requires great performance from your phone, need a workhorse device and need a equipment which won’t seem technological backward in 2 years, then this phone is for you.


Major Features


The hardware : It has a hardware which can keep support the speed experienced on the LTE network. Of course, there remains a thought of comparison between WiMax and LTE but seeing shift of major providers towards LTE, it is likely that upcoming spamrtphones will have to LTE complaint in terms of support by hardware. Thunderbolt, with its upgraded 1GHz Snapdragon, Adreno 205 GPU, and MDM9600 chip for LTE has everything you need for a nice LTE experience. Also the issue of simultaneous transmission of voice and data have been solved. Along with this, other hardware specifications add to it – bright, crisp WVGA display, an 8MP camera on the back, a 1.3MP camera on the front, a 32GB SD card (included), a 1400 mAh battery, and all the latest digital sensors.

High Performance: The performance bar set by Thunderbolt is quite high. Even in aspects not involving influence of LTE networks, the device performs quite well owing to the combination of the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (single core), a dedicated GPU (Adreno 205), LTE chip (MDM9600), 768MB of RAM, and 8GB of integrated eMMC storage. Thus performace of the overall phone is a major attraction.



Form Factor: Some pf the smartphones lack with the looks and a strong body. Thunderbolt, hosts as unibody aluminium frame which can be seen as a combination of Google Nexus one and HTC Desire with square body as HTC Evo. This results in a sturdy, attractive metal body. Although the phone is a bit large and on the heavier side, it is quite strong and gives the feel of a phone and not a toy.

HTC Sense: HTC Sense is one of the best UI right now in the market. Many vendors have tried maskig android with their UI and most of the times it is not as good as expected. As noted by many, most of vendors skins decrease the android experience but not HTC Sense. Although, if you are the one to flash your phone and put in totally new ROM then might not be a great plus point for you.


Is nothing wrong with it ?

Absolutely not. It does lack from certain imperfections, if you may call them.


4G Battery Life: With Desire HD, HTC was criticised for the poor battery life it provided. With Thunderbolt running 4G, HTC was expected to somehow come up with major improvements in battery life. The phone comes with 1400mAh battery which is not quite enough for a 4G experience. As seen from use by testers, the phone runs a whole day with use of 3G and Wifi but it runs around half a day on 4G. You would have to employ various setting alteration to make it last longer on 4G (Probably another post about it)

No Dual Core: THe phone runs on single core whereas most phone that would be competiting with Thunderbolt would be running on dual core. HTC has a strong relation with QUalcomm, which hasn’t come out with its dual core processor , thus Thunderbolt only hosts a single core. Although this doesn’t really affect the speed but it could have certainly improved battery life.


Thunderbolt is a right now probably the best smartphone on the shelf. With other makers, coming out with LTE based devices in second half of 2011, the phone seems to have a lot of time unrivaled. Despite the battery issue, the phone is dynamo with its performance and hardware abilities. It is a lightning fast device on 3G and Wi-Fi, but provides and surreal experince with 4G.



Add “Take Ownership” Option in Right Click Context Menu of Windows 7


There might be instances when you would want to take ownership of a system file or folder on Windows 7. If you are performing a system tweak or changing themes on your Windows 7 machine, you might be required to take the ownership of some files and (or) folders. This guide will show how to add the “take ownership” option in the right click.

Disclaimer: Before we proceed further a word of caution that if you rename some important system files, it could cause irreversible damage to your computer.

1. In order to take ownership of a specific file or folder you will need to download the following file:


2. Open the zip file and click the file InstallTakeOwnership.reg to install Take Ownership option in context menu

3. Once installed you will be able to see Take Ownership option in context menu.

In order to revoke this feature just double click the file RemoveTakeOwnership.reg


Planning to buy external hard disk: Some good options for you


So you are planning to buy a new external hard disk ? With option of 1 TB of space to carry around anywhere, external hard disk is a tempting proposition at this time. Here is a look at some of the options you must consider before selecting your preferred external drive.

(I have not rated them but given some of the good options to consider)

Toshiba Canvio Portable

Toshiba’s Canvio is one of the lightest external drives around. The attractive point of this disk is its small size and light weight with the make quality of Toshiba. It can be fitted in your pocket or purse and carried around anywhere. It weighs around 6 ounces and supports USB 2.0. It comes with storage upto 1TB with number of lower storage options available. It comes with NTI BackupNow EZ software for easy storage and backup options. It requires Win XP or higher to run.

Colours: Blue, Green, Red, Black, Silver

Iomega eGo

Iomega’s eGo drives are available both in desktop and portable models. eGo is a good option if you are looking for a desktop external disk.

eGo desktop comes with capacity of 2TB connected to the desktop by USB 2.0. The eGo 3.0 version supports USB 3.0, thus higher transfer rate. Also this version has higher capacity upto 3TB.

eGo portable is also a good option to consider. Lightweight and tough, eGo portable is available in numerous capacities. The dropguard feature of the disk prevents any damage to the disk from a fall as high as 51 inches.The price also includes Protection Suite backup and anti-virus software by download.

Colours: Red, Silver, Blue, Black and more

LaCie Rugged

This hard disk is specially mentioned because of its sturdy structure and shock resistent capabilities. It has a sturdy and unique aluminum casing and rubber sleeve for added protection. The Rugged XL comes in 1 TB and 2 TB models and supports data transfer by eSATA and USB 2.0. It also supports connection by firewire 400 and 800 and by USB 2.0. Both the Rugged and the Rugged XL are compatible with Time Machine backup software for Mac OS X.

Western Digital My Book Studio

The WD My Book Mirror Edition looks good, with its sleek black casing and curved corners. With capacity upto 1Tb and portable form factor of 3.5″, WD hard disk comes from the popular brand name of WD. It has interfacing abilities with firewire 400 and 800, SATA I and USB 2.0. Fast performance and sturdiness are two main attributes of this disk along with availability in different colors.

Note: This post was not aimed at technically reviewing the hard disk but rather providing you with a start to help you figure out your preferred hard disk to buy.

find your star_logo

Easily Search Social Media profiles of Your Favourite Celebrity


With social media now an integral part of our life, we like to know about everyone’s life through this source of information. Some of us are also really interested to see what their favourite celebrity is saying on social media. We would like to follow them, listen to them and post our comments for them. But usually you find a lot of fake profiles created in name of the celebrity. So how to find the genuine profile of a star ?

Well, on twitter you may find a certified profile which means it is a trusted user profile of the actual celebrity and has been confirmed. But it is not easy to search through battery of fake profiles and then find the real one. What about other social media platforms ? How easy it is to find a genuine facebook profile? Here I talk about a site which lets you search all your favourite stars and their social media presence.

The Website: The Official Profile Of

Now here is a site which prevents your trouble of searching through the net for the official profile of your favourite star. Now, you have a single portal to look for the entire social media presence of your star. You can connect to celebrities on facebook, twitter, youtube and more.

This may not serve people who do not care much about what a celebrity might be tweeting or posting on his facebook profile but I believe, majority of the people do like to read about their favourite celebrities on social media. For them, it might be a really useful one stop site to loo for all their popular celebrities.

How it works

All celebrities are categorized on basis of various categories such as actors, actresses, musicians, athletes, sports etc. You can browse through these categories to find for the celebrity you are looking for. Otherwise you can also use the search provided to directly search for a specific person. Once you find a celebrity , the site will display all the social media links to the person’s presence on various sites.

Here are are results of some of my searches :

The famous Indian actor : Aamir Khan

The site did not actually find some of my searches. Apparently, users can submit any official profile of a celebrity they know of and the team of site verifies if the submitted profiles are genuine. IF yes, the profiles are added to the database. Currently, the database is not huge as you can see in the numbers with the categories.

But I think over a small period of time, it might be a good source of all the celebrity social media info you would like to have.

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