Ever had a problem that you have the image of the thing you want to search in your mind but don’t know what text tobing-logo-white4 key in the search bar?? Sometimes you know what your search result should look like but do not remember the name.Bing has introduced a new feature called Visual Search.

This features presents you with a grid of images which you can browse through by scrolling down.Each image will display details when you place the cursor over it.You do not need to know the exact name,you can recognize using the image and narrow down to your required result.This feature can prove very handy when you are shopping for some branded products or you wish to search for some celebrity,personality,sports star etc.You can easily view the images and place cursor over them to see the details.

Suppose if you search for ‘premeir league players’ ,it’ll show you grid of images of players from premier league.You can then place curson over each player to know the name and statistics of the player and then select the one you actually wished to search for.Also you can filter your results by player earnings,matches played etc.

There are more than 100 visual galleries ranging from movies, books, and cars to products, animals, and sports teams. The sorting criteria changes from category to category.For players it could be player statistics like matches played, earnings etc,for motor bikes it could be mileage,price,engine capacity etc.

This feature is powered by Microsoft’s Silverlight technology,which makes the animations and visual rendering possible. The content for Visual Search is provided by several sources.It is a unique feature provided by Microsoft and seems to be quite useful in certain instances.

nMicrosoft is coming up with unique features and continuously updating the services to match upto its main competitor Google.Though it won’t be easy to make a dent onto Google’s market share,but with innovative ideas and  new services , Microsoft may have begun a battle in which it has not much to loose.Ultimately users will decide if they wish to switch on to Bing and experience some not seen till now or they wish to remain with the most reliable search engine Google.

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