tweet_thumbnailTwitter is fast becoming one of the most popular networking and micro blogging site on the internet. As a user of the same you also must have seen a multifold increase in the number of followers you have on it But how many of them are genuine users ? TwitBlock provides a way of finding that out.

TwitBlock simply scans the profile of all those people who are following you on twitter and a point system is used to order your followers, with the people most likely to spam right there on top. A score does not necessarily mean that an account is spam, it merely indicates that the account at the top has a very high probability of being a spammer. A helpful advice to all would to be have a look at the account before blocking the same just to make sure that a real user is not blocked.

Another advantage of this application is that it does not requires your password. Signing into TwitBlock is done via twitter’s OAuth implementation. Also here are the terms and conditions specified by TwitBlock for using your account information.

  • TwitBlock will not tweet from your account without asking you first;
  • TwitBlock will not reveal to a third party who you are  blocking;
  • TwitBlock will not tell you who is blocking you;
  • TwitBlock can never know your password or your email address.



Click here if you feel like giving TwitBlock a try.