And we all thought that Google was “Don’t be evil”. I just read the news that Google would soon start image ads for it’s image search service. I don’t remember when but it rolled out a feature on image search called “Google Image Labeler”.

So what’s the big deal anyways, lot’s of companies roll out good features. Well the big deal is the fact that, AFA I think, Google will be using this user generated labeling to throw image ads to the same users by integrating these ads to it’s image search. Following is what PC magazine had to say:

Google Image Labeler is a game of sorts that consists of nothing more than looking at images and suggesting possible keywords, but Google pits you against other users and alerts you when you’ve matched on certain terms, making it oddly addictive. It actually launched back in 2006, but I only just stumbled on it.[1. PC Magazine]

The question, what makes it bad. Well, instead of spending millions of dollars in the effort to label the images by hiring employees in-house, Google is using the much loved brand image to ask it’s users to label the images for it. Isn’t that evil. I mean where’s and what’s the payback.

I believe that making money is good. But IMHO, it’s not great the way much loved company is exploiting the love for it’s brand from so many users. I am sure there will be some algorithm that’d be running to achieve a good level of sense to it’s image content, but with images it’s so imperative to have human intervention.

May be my logic on whole of this issue is too skewed, but I think I’ll live with it.

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