Most of the users have their important files organised in folders kept in local drives on the system. It happens usually that  frequently used files or the folder containing these files lies deep down in the hierarchy. Thus to access such a folder on regular basis it is a hassle to reach it all the time. What if you could make this folder as a virtual drive ? Also if you need to create a virtual CD out of a folder , it would be required to create a virtual drive of a folder.

vSubst is one of the efficient applications for this purpose. It is extremely easy to create a virtual drive using this application. The user interface is composed of a left sidebar containing the numerous drive letters available to be named and main box which has the folder name and path.

To create a virtual drive

1. On the left sidebar, select the drive letter. When selected click the Add button.

2. Choose the folder path for the folder which you want to convert to a virtual drive.

3. To apply persistent substitutions , hit persistent button which will result  in vsubst.exe to be copied to Windows folder.

That’s it, your folder is now a drive in your system and you can access it with a single click.