Twitter is a service that allows people to post short messages (up to 140 characters) to the Twitter web twitter-logosite.You can subscribe to different users and receives loads of information in the form of tweets by these users , conversations start to flow, links and pictures are shared, and private messages can also be exchanged. Though the site is the major active spot, but these days many people use 3rd party softwares to increase the ease of use of service.Although there are many 3rd party clients for twitter designed for computers , the clients for mobile are laos of extreme utility.

Gravity is one of the most useful and popular mobile phone Twitter client. Gravity does almost everything you would want a Twitter client to do, and does it well. Some basic features of gravity are :

  • Compatible with Twitter and Laconica
  • All functions available on your S60 phone: tweet, reply, retweet, DM, follow & unfollow, block, create favourites, search, auto-update and many more …
  • Tabbed view of your Timeline, Replies, Messages, Friends, …
  • Profile View to see information about a Twitter User
  • Configurable Audio Alerts for Timeline/Replies/DM’s & Searches
  • Auto-Connect to any Access Point and Auto-Fallback to WLAN
  • Setup and use as many accounts as you want at the same time
  • Group support for creating custom tabs with user-defined filters
  • Post URLs from tweets to or Instapaper
  • Twitter-Search section with multiple search tabs and Twitter Trends
  • Post pictures to MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo, Posterous, Yfrog or
  • Preview pictures from MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo,, Yfrog and
  • support by simply sending “p message” or “p #group message”
  • Open URLs from any Tweet
  • Kinetic scrolling on S60v5 ( Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 )
  • Theme support ( fixed dark and bright theme )
  • Full-Screen mode
  • Includes a Homescreen Widget for the Nokia N97
  • Built-in auto-update function and beta access for testing the latest features

Start up

Start up Gravity and you see the option of adding a twitter or Laconica account. Add you twitter account. You can also add multiple accounts. Once you set up an account, Gravity will wait for you to confirm going online, useful as all the avatars downloaded could run up your data cost and even then there’s a counter on the screen showing the data used in the current online session.



Once online, you see a number of tabs. The first tab is your current timeline – showing tweets or updates from all of your contacts, just like the default view on Twitter. The post is shown with user name and his avatar and you can easily do number of tasks such as reply, retweet etc.

Scr000020 Scr000021

From your timeline, you can scroll to the right once more to see a list of any updates from anyone that includes an @reply to you. This is helpful to somewhat carry on a conversation on Twitter. The next tab over shows any direct messages you have received. Yet another click to the right gives you a list of your updates, and another click shows the direct messages you have sent to other people. The last click to the right brings you to a list of your favorite tweets, if you use that feature.

Scr000022 Scr000025

Also there is a search pane and an images section. The image section integrates with your smartphone’s gallery, and any picture taken can be uploaded to the popular third party web site Twitpic and have a twitter message with a link to the photo embedded. So one click to take a picture, one to upload to Twitpic, and one to post the Twitter message about it.

Scr000023 Scr000024

For Symbian 60 v5 users,  Gravity is fully touch-enabled across the entire interface along with kinetic scrolling, so that flicking down the long lists carries on and slows after a quick flick, rather than coming to a dead stop after the scrolling move. This is another rmarkable feature of Gravity.

Here’s a small video on Gravity :