Microsoft is moving fast with the development of it’s next release of Internet Explorer browser. The browser which has had it’s share of controversies is losing market share faster than ever. IE 9 preview has been released for developers.

Following is the release notes of IE9 preview.

The Platform Preview is an early look at the Internet Explorer 9 platform so some features are incomplete, some may change, and some may be added. This document lists features available in the latest Platform Preview and known issues with those features. To view the latest known issues, see our list on Microsoft Connect.

We ask that you refrain from providing feedback on features where noted that they are either partially implemented or not available. We are aware of their condition and will provide updates in future releases. Similarly, for known issues, we are aware of their existence and are actively working on them. Thank you for your interest in the Internet Explorer Platform Preview!

To report issues and provide feedback, please use Microsoft Connect. For general questions or comments, please email

Well there’s nothing much in this release for a normal user so if you won’t download it you won’t miss much. But in case you are planning to download follow the link: