Samsung Aramni 2 is one of the latest offerings by Samsung in its Windows Mobile branch. The Samsung’s samsung logooffering of a WM based Fashion savvy phone has certain great aspects and probably has direct competition with HTC Touch Pro 2. Here is  quick view of the Samsung’s new handset.

samsung armani 2_0


For a fashion savvy phone , desig is one of the basic aspects which needs to be top notch. Samsung has worked on it and the phone’s looks and some other components were developed by GA’s staff. The Armani 2 is housed in a black-with-gold smooth plastic casing with its battery cover made out of gold lacquered plastic. The phone looks stunning with its looks and also seems to be smudge free. The nice feel to the phone with great mterial as aweel a sbuld quality provides it with definite advantage over most of the WM based phones.

samsung armani 2_4


Armani 2 is in line with the HTC Touch Pro2 and Nokia N97 size wise. It is palm friendly but a bit thicker.

  • Samsung Armani 2 – 118 x 57,3 x 16 mm
  • Nokia N97 – 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9 mm
  • HTC Touch Pro2 – 116 x 59,2 x 17,3 mm


The keyboard is similar to HTC touch pro 2 – flick and tilt. First you flick it open and then titlt it up. The keys are well designed and spaced out but the markingd on the keys might be uncomfortable for some and may take time to get used to.

samsung armani  2_1


Aramani 2’s display is not different from ost of WM based phones and is nothing to rave about – AMOLED 3.5” with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. Some adjustements have been made in colour and brigthness reproduction and is now better. Also the viewing angles are not to be compalained about.

samsun armani 2_5


The Armani 2 works on latest version of TouchWIZ with same UI  layout as earlier Samsung handsets. New UI is tidy and not flamboyant at all, as might have been feared for a fasshion phone. The phone’s menu has been redesigned to maych the phone’s design and fashion savvy image.  It hosts 256 Mb of RAM and 512 Mb of internal storage, plus there is an 8 Gb module for all your storage needs.

samsun armani 2_3

Spec-wise, the Samsung Armani 2 is one of the most advanced designer phones out there- VGA display, Wi-Fi, FM-radio, GPS, TV-Out and much more. The only barrier it might have would be its exhorbitant price it charges. But the fact remains it is a designer phone rather than the standard WM based QWERTY phone , thus the price factor may account for that aspect. It is yet to be seen how consumers respond it, in wake of competition from HTC touch pro 2.