It is not really easy searching for iPhone and Android apps you wish to install. One has to sometimes search a lot to actually find useful apps. Wished you could just google to get links to all useful apps. Good new : Google has just added iPhone  and Android apps mobile search.

If you go to on your iPhone or Android-powered device and search for an app, google will list special links and content at the top of the search results. By accessing these links, you can directly go to the iphone app store or Android app market. Also along with this you can see some of the basic details such as price, rating, and publisher.

The service is available right now in US only, but plans are soon to launch for other countries and platforms. Also it has been seen that the search service is not that developed as yet as many popular apps were not found listed during the search. But in spite of the deficiencies, this is a great initiative by Google and would make life easier for many users searching for interesting apps everyday. This service will only improve and Google will hopefully build a robust search system for apps.

[via : Google blog]