There are times when you want to send SMS to a friend but you can not send using your mobile. What to do? Just use your regular email account to send SMS to your friend’s mobile number using the SMS gateway addresses.

To send the SMS , enter the gateway address in the sender’s email id box similar to as you would send an email to someone. Then compose your message and send it as a normal email.

Very shortly the SMS will be delivered to the recipient.

The SMS gateway listing is as follows :

Enter the 10 digit mobile phone number for the person you are sending a message to in front of the appropriate address (

The list of gateway addresses can be found in following links :

List of SMS gateways (wiki)

List of Gateways

SMTP email

NOTE: The carrier may charge the recipient for the SMS. So the process might not be free totally. Take care of the fact.

[via: howtogeek]