Songr is a well built utility program which would solve all your needs of downloading mp3 files, identifying the songsitunes-logo by lyrics , downloading audio or video from youtube and much more. It is one of the best programs as rated by users all over.

Songr is a free application which can be used to search for mp3 songs or other mp3 files. It searches for the mentioned file in multiple sources on the net. This feature of the program is very useful and enables us to save time searching for a song in numerous sites. Now just 1 program is required for it. It also allows for a “lyrics search” option that can identify and download songs  based on parts of lyrics that a you might remember. Also you can download the videos from youtube and even only the audio mp3 files from youtube.



Definitely we are all capable of searching ourselves forour music and ultimately do find it, but this software makes the job so easy that you needn’t log onto different sites. Some of the primary features of Songr are :

  • Songr aggregates results from 10 mp3 search engines
  • Download HQ/HD YouTube videos and optionally extracts the audio track as mp3
  • It grays out low bitrate preview-only and mp3s
  • Intelligent sorting: Songr tries to display high quality mp3s on the top of the list
  • Double clicking a mp3 file opens it directly in Windows Media Player
  • Songr converts links that point to a web page instead of the mp3 file
  • It makes possible to discover the name of a song by typing some words in the Search by lyrics panel and listen to a preview of the song
  • Automatic updates check, to get more search engine connectors
  • Links to buy music from Amazon and Rhapsody
  • Log file
  • It’s freeware, without ads or restrictions




One of the problems observed with the program was that many of the links found were actually broken which absolutely disrupted the operations , marketing was also concerned a lot because in some way or the other marketing also gets affected.

It is compatible on Windows XP, WIndows 7.

download here : download