If someone told you that you could get details of every object- details like who touched it, where it was kept, what else happened with it, it would seem to be directly out of some fiction movie. StickyBits is an application which helps realize this fiction.

Using this application any user can add a message to the barcodes sticking on the object. These messages could be in the form of text messages, pictures, video or a voice note. Anyone who scans the barcode with the application would eb able to read all the messages associated with the barcode. The application lets one add a message to the physical object as well.

A few examples to further display the usages of the concept. One can see QR codes on webpages, in store windows, on business cards, and on number of objects.

A QR (“quick response”) code is a square barcode that makes getting URLs, location coordinates, any text or contact information onto a phone fast. IF one has abrcode app installed in the phone, one just needs to point the device camera towards the code and all the information associated with it can be read using the phone.

One just has google to find number of QR scanner reader for the specific model of the phone. There are numerous available in the market.

One can also generate QR codes with any information one may want to append to the code. The QR code generator can embedd a URL, text, phone number, address or a any other kind of info into a QR code.

So go on, try it and explore the all new world of QR codes.

[via: smarterware.org]