I bet you have come across those checks on various websites where you need to enter a few letters or a few numbers or recaptcha-logoa mixture of both to proceed forward. Actually these checks are placed by the sites to confirm that you are a human and not some bot. These codes are called CAPTCHAs. reCAPTCHA a major company providing these services to various sites.


reCaptcha utilises a very good concept to keep away the bots.The letters we see are actually letters scanned from old books.The books being old have unclear letters which the spambots are not able to read. reCaptcha uses these letters to confirm the user is human. Also on the other hand , when a person enters the code it helps reCaptcha’s software to get better at reading these old texts.

Google has announced its acquiring the company. This is another addition to the ever growing clout of google on web. This is also seen as Google’s attempt to aid in its book scanning project. This might prove to be a huge move to fasten their already rapid book scanning project.The different sites will still be able to use Captcha without any changes.

[via: business insider]