Computer software updating is a process which has seen automation to vast effect. You have notification of available updates of almost all your softwares. In fact, there are number of useful softwares in the market which solve all you updating concern with aggregated updating notifications and automatic updating. Although, it may not be that easy for the other gadgets like mp3 players, tablets, cell phones etc. is a online service which helps you to keep your gadgets updated similar to your computer.


1. After registrations, click the tab ‘My Gadgets‘ on top left of your page.

2. Click on the button indicating ‘Click here to stay updated‘.

3. Choose the gadgets you want to be updated. You’ll now be informed of any update released for your gadget.

You can also connect to facebook to be regularly notified of the updates for your gadget. Just click on the connect to Faceook button for linking to your facebook account. You’ll receive weekly about your gadgets.

It has upt o date and detailed information on the the gadgets it displays. One of the disadvantages of the site is that it does not have comprehensive list of gadgets. Thus it might be a case that some of your gadgets may not have been listed on the site. Also another feature which is not likable is that in spite of your gadget having a new software update or not, the site sends a weekly email notifying you about news about your gadget.