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Norton Mobile Security Beta now comes to Android


Norton Security Beta is now available at Android Market. Well as can be guessed this a mobile security application provided by the leading computer security provider.

Protect your mobile device and the information on it with Norton Smartphone Security Version for Android™. If your mobile device is lost, stolen, or its SIM card removed, you can remotely disable your mobile device to prevent thieves from using it or accessing your private information. You can even remotely delete all of your personalinformation so cybercriminals can’t use it to steal your identity or money.

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Norton PC Checkup : Free System Checkup of Your PC


There are many softwares out in the market free and paid which are computer diagnostic utilities. Norton too has such a software which helps analyse the system performance and find performance problems in the system.

Norton PC Check is a useful utility which is used to gauge the performance of the system. It has a comprehensive search and detection mechanism as expected when coming from the house of Norton. Norton PC Checkup automatically scans your computer for security and performance problems on a weekly basis. Apart from the automatic scans, users can also start a manual scan anytime they wish to. The software detects any performance issues and informs the user about them. After finishing the scan , the application informs the user of the problems in the form of a report containing the scan results and the recommendations to fix the problems. The application then allows either the user to fix the problem by themselves or call up Norton Live for remote assistance. This remote assistance feature is a paid feature and Norton relies on it for the earnings by this application.


Download the setup from the download link provided at the bottom. Start installation and follow the instructions.


After installation you will see the home screen. Click on ‘Check my computer ‘ to start the system scan.

The scanning cycle gets over in three phasesnamely the protection, performance and anlysis phase.

Finally you will see the result summary and actions you could take to fix the problems.

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