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Stickies: A New Way To Remember Things


Stickies_6Most of us would have at times forgotten to do some or the other things. An easy way to overcome this problem would be to have notes sticking all around your workspace. A better way would be to have a computer application to manage your notes.  Windows has its own version of notes but when I came across Stickies I was amazed at its simplicity and effectiveness. It is a small and simple application which does not writes to the registry nor does it messes with the system files.

Stickies is a simple application designed to serve a purpose, it doesn’t support animation not would you find eye catching graphics with it. Its simply a rectangular window on the screen on which you can place text notes. Once created the text notes will stay with you till the time you take them of. Thus whenever you log on to the machine you would be reminded of the pending work

Installation is pretty simple and would not take more than a minute or so.



After the installation you can start adding your own to do things or the thhings you need to remember on the stickies. It would look like the sample screen shot shown below.


The next image shows the various options  that are provided with this application. These include changing the color, the opacity of the notes and many other options. The most useful one according to me is the ability to set an alarm reminding you for a particular task or job that needs to be done.



I admit this application is not flashy or something out of this world. But it certainly has a lot of functional usage. So feel free to try this small and simple application.

Click Here to download Stickies


StickIt: A perfect solution for stickies on the desktop


red2There’s no dearth of organizers and stickit utilities and with Windows 7 you already have a native application called as Sticky Notes. But I don’t like them as they are bulky and intrusive. I like using the non intrusive ways of keeping track of my tasks on a day to day basis and hence I love tasks feature of Gmail. Best part about it is that I can access it from any computer.

However, this post is not about the tasks feature of Gmail. This post is about a small nifty little utility called as Stickit.


Home Page


StickIt is a Windows desktop sticky note application. Create notes and place them anywhere on your desktop. The notes will stay where you leave them until they have been closed. The notes will even reappear after rebooting your computer. You can customize your notes by choosing from a wide range of text and background colors.

I remember in good old days there was something called Postit and I hardly used it because it was too heavy on RAM usage. So the first thing that I checked after installing it is to see the load on memory and it was a relieve to see that the software was just using 3 MB of RAM at anytime irrespective of the number of stickits.


So if you want a unobtrusive way of having stickies handle your tasks right from your desktop stickit is the perfect solution.

Download StickIt

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