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Share links between your browser and smartphone


Many users often face a issue where you stumble across some interesting link and the next minute you have to be on the move, thus not allowing you to take your laptop with you. Now you can share the link between your browser and any smartphone you own, allowing you not to miss any of interesting links.

There are some known modes of sharing links from browser to your android device but if you have any other smart phone, this is the perfect option for you. It supports all major OS as well as supports all major browsers.

1. Phone Set Up

– Go to site to phone from your laptop and click setup with your phone.

– The site will generate a unique link and ask you to visit the link using your phone browser.

– Follow the instructions on the page which are adjusted as per you smartphone OS.

– After completing the setup, click on Complete Setup.

2. Browser Setup

There are two ways of sending links to your phone. Either you can go to site to phone website and use Quick Send and send the links to your phone. You don’t have to install an addon or create an account in this case.

Second method involves installing a plugin(IE 8/9 and chrome) or a bookmarklet(rest of browsers).

– Click on setup browser.

-Follow the instructions.

3. Sending the link to your phone

-After  completing the setup, whenever you are on a site the link of which you want on your phone. just right  click and select the option ‘Send Page to Phone’ or click on the icon in menu bar.

– Go to your phone’s app launcher and open the bookmark you created earlier.

– This will launch the webpage, the link of which  you just sent to your phone

You can also view the history of the sent links.

For some this might not be an interesting tool, but for some who are plagued by this issue this might be a welcome cure.

MUlti-monitor system

Tools for Managing Multi-Monitor Setup : Top 3


Multi monitors were earlier associated with had core programmers and geeks but it has been seen recently that users using multi screens are increasing multi-fold. The demographics of users using multi screens is also changing rapidly. Multiple monitors help increase your screen area , productivity and loads of extra space to spread out the work. Some of the tools you could use to manage a multi-screen system are listed as follows :


It is a multi-monitor suite with numerous capabilites and is regarded as one of the most useful tool for multi-monitor systems. It adds taskbar to every monitor. It also supports spanned or monitor-dependent wallpaper with position fine-tuning and integration with Flickr and Vladstudios, and customizable titlebar buttons for window management. It also provides the capability of customizing hot keys for numerous different operations. The free version includes most of the features except the multi-monitor taskbar.

Operating Systems support : Windows

Price : Basic : Free , Pro : $25


It is also one of the most popular tools available for users intending to work on multiple operating systems. While most of the other tools provide capability for only single OS whereas Synergy provides support for multiple operating systems. You can seamlessly use keyboard and mouse for all the systems with different OS. For example, Pushing the mouse against the edge of the Windows monitor towards the Mac monitor will slide it right across to the other OS as though they were all running in parallel virtual machines on the same operating system.

Operating System Support : Windows/Linux/Mac

Price : Free


It is a multi-monitor tools designed for spanning the task bar  across multiple monitors. It can support upto 3 monitors at a time. The basic version is free but it doesn’t support system themes whereas the pro version supports the themes. One of the advantages of this tool is the clipboard extender present in it and better integration with Windows shell.

Operating System Support : Windows

Price : Pro : Free , Pro : $28

There are numerous more software in the market which have same basic features but these are the ones that stand out among the list.


Google Map Saver- Save Google Maps as Images


How often have You felt the need to save the maps you see on google to your system or rather print them for your use.google_maps_logo There are quite a few programs which let you download the maps but most of them are the not free of charge. Google map saver is one of the program which lets you download and save (as images) the google maps of locations of your choice.

It is very useful for people who need to save the maps as images in their system. You can save the maps in any resolution or format as per your requirements. You need to enter the location, zoom level, and select the type of map, and hit Go and you will be taken to that destination immediately. This process takes a few seconds the most on fast connections. Most of the features of google maps are present like move around with the mouse, switching between map, terrain and satellite view. Various output formats including jpg, png, targa and bmp are available. You can choose from the list of menu the resolution you want the image to be in and the size of the image will depend on the resolution size you choose.


It is one of the easiest, simplest and most useful application to download the maps and use it for all purposes. It is best option among other softwares with similar uses. It can be downloaded from the developer’s page. A great tool for people who may need to travel and the size of the program is less than half a Mb. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista  and Windows 7.

[via : technobuzz ]

Download here [ download ]

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