For a lot of time, the one of the most popular bitorrent download manager was available for only one major  platform that is Windows. The mac version being released some time back, uTorrent is now available for all three major platforms with this new release for Linux.

uTorrent is one of the most popular bittorrent clients and isextremely powerful and light. The demand for its release for linux has been for long. This new release for linux is definitely please many.

But this new launch is only the uTorrent server without an UI for linux. This is only the alpha version being released and UI may come in the future. Ofcourse, without an UI one’s activities may be restricted a bit but still all is not disappointing from any view. One can do a lot of things without having a uTorrent UI too.

UTorrent has a feature called WebUI. This feature is an alternate control for the client mode allowing control from anywhere in the world through the web. μTorrent sets up a server on your computer which you can access from any other computer if you have your computer’s IP address. WebUI provides all the features of a regular client UI but is accessible through a browser.

The new linux version is this WebUI based. Thus, you can start uTorrent in your system, have it running in background and connect it through a browser and then manage your torrents as normal.

Talking of uTorrent, the version 3 of uTorrent has generated much excitement and speculation among users. Version 3 is set to integrate 3 new core technologies changing your uTorrent experience for good.

  • The first new technology is uTorrent web. This service allows you to access your uTorrent interface from anywhere without worrying of firewalls and NATs. Once you configures a username and password, you can log into and manage your utorrent downloads from anywhere. You can even stream media files from your computer and hence see them anywhere.
  • Another function is torrent sharing. It has simplified the process of torrent usage for beginners. With the new ‘Send Torrent’ feature, you will be taken to a page from where you can download a version of μTorrent which comes prepackaged with the torrent file you chose. You can then share this link with anyone and he’ll be able to directly download the torrent. If the client is not installed then utorrent is installed and download is started else the download is started automatically.
  • Another feature is addition of Griffin – apps framework. This provides a light framework for apps for uTorrent using html.

Other changes which may be noticed are change in the icons and look or uTorrent providing a sleeker look. Along with UDP support, further changes have been made in priotiy setting features of uTorrent.

These new changes in uTorrent seem quite promising and will probably strengthen the popularity of uTorrent as one of the best bittorrent clients available.