hard_disk_cleanerI was not getting sleep yesterday night for some god damn reason and thankfully so, as it gave me a reason to stay awake and check for my update scanner that I created for getting update on release of Microsoft Windows 7 beta. To my surprise, I saw the page was updated and that Microsoft was indeed giving away public beta of Windows 7 and I got my hands on it. Left me with no sleep as I was installing it. I’ll be covering a range of topics.

Starting with something really important. How to clear almost 3 Gig of hard disk space post Windows 7 installation as there are some temporary and hibernated files which are just logging up disk space. So let’s see how to get rid of it.

Note: I installed Windows 7 on a fresh drive and did not upgrade it over my Vista.

Cleaning up the hard disk post Windows 7 installation

1. Click start and click Computer and right click on your C drive which has Windows 7 installed on it and click Properties.


2. Click on Disk Cleanup button.


3. Disk Cleanup wizard will appear. Now make sure you have checked the box that reads “Hibernation file cleaner” as this will be close to 3 GB.


4. Click Ok and you should have freed 3 GB of your Windows 7 drive.