There are times when we have certain text in our document which we wish not to be check during a spell check by the text editor like word. There may be text in foreign language or some programing code or certain other portion of text which we wish to exclude from spell check. Here s how to do it.

In such cases, the checker will stop numerous times while checking the document as it encounters unfamiliar words and also it’ll unnecessarily point out various errors. The way to go around this is skip or exclude that portion of text from spell check.

1. Select the block or blocks of text that you want to skip.

2. From the Tools menu, choose Language, and then select Set Language. (in Office 2010, Go to Review and Select Editing Language )

3. Check the Do Not Check Spelling and Grammar option.

4. Click OK. When you run a spell check, Word (or any Office application) will ignore the marked blocks of text.

You’ll should  to unmark the text as soon you finish spellcheck or every time word will exclude that portion of text.