The craze for iPhone isn’t diminishing. With the launch of iPhone 4 the competition with Android hots up. But here rather than talking of technical aspects of iPhone, we look at some of the creative and colourful side of things. We take a look at six iPhone 4 cases which should be your first choice cases for iPhone 4.This list isn’t a ranking but just a collection of six cases which I liked.

1. Hard Candy Cases – Bubble Slider Soft touch – $34.95

This is one of the case you would like to see as well as feel. The case offers a bubble design which tends to improve grip and gives a unique look to the iPhone as well. The case lightweight ploycarbonate shell type case. Although the case may not be high in designer patterns and colourful but it is effective in safety and feel. You have option of choosing from colours like Black, White, Red, Pink , chrome White, Chrome Gold, Chrome Black.

2. Marware Sports Shell Convertible Case – $44.99

This is not a run-off the mill desing for a case. This unique design is a 4-in-1 design with armband case, shell case, clip case and a viewing case. This is aimed for sportsperson with a easy to attach armband which prevents perspiration coming in contact with the phone. The case contains a hardshell case, back piece with a clip and an armband.

3. Bamboo  iPhone 4 Case – $89

This case focuses more on aesthetics and design. The bamboo design combines the stylish look of the iPhone with something rustic. It features a metal bezel and gives easy access to all physical buttons.

4. CrystalRoc Swarovski Cover – $288.7

Well this cover is not for everyone. Only if you want to indulge in something special and have a deep pocket for it, then you can go on for this one. Covered fully in 1000 pieces of Swarovski Crystal, the case looks magnificent and provides you another reason to show off your iPhone.

5. CaseMate Gelli iPhone- $19.99

Case-Mate is one of the popular cases for iPhone. The case is made of engineered lightweight thermoplastic and the patterned design is available in shades of tomato, aurora, clear, gray, pink, teal blue.

6. Gresso iPhone 4 Case – $3000

If the Swarovski case wasn’t expensive enough for you, this might be. Truly this case is expensive than the iPhone itself. The case is handcrafted from 200-year-old African Blackwood and the Apple logo is made of 18-karat gold on the back panel. Swarovski crystals incrustation is seen on the ladies version.

These are some of the cases which I liked. Although there are many more which I would have wanted to include, these are the ones i could. With many more stylish and designer cases coming out, it would be interesting to look at new cases some time soon.