Tired with Internet Explorer ? You are not the only one who hates Internet Explorer but some how or the other has to google-chrome-logouse it sometimes. Now you can turn your Internet Explorer into Google chrome , all because of Google.

Now Google has introduced Chrome Frame , which is a new pluggin for the browser to provide troubled users a chrome experience inside Internet Explorer.Chrome Frame uses the latest versions of Chrome’s Webkit and JavaScript engines into IE. these updates are yet to come in actual chrome updates.A small description of how it works….

This Pluggin creates new frame inside IE which resembles the features of chrome or can be said is chrome itself. It is a lightweight pluggin but it needs to download around 10 Mb of data for chrome to run seamlessly.To target the Chrome plug-in for IE, developers simply have to insert a meta tag in their HTML code. If Chrome Frame isn’t found, the page will render just as it normally would in IE. The chrome Frame will work with IE 6,7 & 8 in all versions of Windows.

[via: Techcrunch]

Find the pluggin here