With introduction of email delegation as a new feature, google provides another option besides ‘multiple sign in’ to access more than one gmail account at a time. This feature lets any other email address read your emails, if you allow them to.

It was a major problem for users with more than one gmail account to switch accounts. One had to sign out of one account and sign in into another account. This problem was solved when google introduced the feature of ‘multiple sign in’. If you activate this option, you can switch accounts with just one click being in the same browser. But now, there is another option to make it even simpler and read the emails of your other accounts in the same inbox. Google has introduced the feature of email delegation.

Although this feature introduced by Google aims to let any other gmail users to access your email account and read and respond to emails on your behalf. So, it is great for those who would like someone to read and reply to their email on their behalf. This feature can also be used to read emails of more than one gmail accounts by the same person in a single inbox by activating this feature for all but one gmail account and choosing that one gmail account as the account where delegated emails reach. Thus it may prove to be better from multiple sign in in sense that it does not require you to sign into the accounts, rather it fetches emails of all accounts into a single inbox.

In general, the delegation feature allows you any designated user to read, reply or delete your emails. It also enables to access the contacts of the account. It won’t allow the person to alter your password or account setting. Also it won’t allow log in to Google chat of the delegated account.

Enabling delegation feature

1. Click on Settings link on your gmail window

2. Click on ‘Accounts and Imports‘ tab. Under Grant Access to your account, click on add another account

3. Enter the email address of the person whom you would like to be able to access your account. If you want to manage your multiple gmail accounts, add one of your gmail accounts from which you would like to read all your emails.

4. You will see a confirmation message. Click on email to grant access.

5. An email will be sent to the account explaining him that you have granted access to him. Now in case, you added your gmail account as monitoring primary address, you will receive the email and access to your delegated account.

When you’ll have access to more than one account, you’ll be able to access any of them from the account selector in the right top corner

Each account will be opened in new window to ease the distinction between the accounts. Signing out of your main account will lead to signing you out of all the accounts.

A small video from google to explain the process.

Note that this feature is introduced to allow other users to manage your account but as explained in the points above you can configure it to use it to manage all your gmail accounts.

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